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2024 Classic yacht symposium in Helsinki

Beautiful choir singing of Evert Taube's "Så skimrande var aldrig havet (The sea was never so glimmering)" marked the start of this year's classics symposium. The symposium was carried out with the usual gusto, by  Helsingfors Segelsällskap as the main responsible organization. This year's focus was the America's Cup...

Source: Magnus

Art gallery #2: Portal boat for the Finnish sailing week in Helsinki 1929 and search of the original photo

From the end of the 1930¬īs and onwards Jenny and Holger Swahn were friends with Alvin Wassberg who was working within the insurance business in Stockholm. Alvin was also an amateur painter and at some point, in time a question was raised if he could make a painting of Trumph. Material for the painting was […]

Source: Magnus Swahn

Premier sailing trip on the National Day of Sweden

On June 6, the National Day of Sweden the premier sailing trip took place. It was a short trip from Bergvik around Riddarfj√§rden. The purpose was to try out basic functions and to test the partly new main sheet system. Onboard in the nice summer weather was Aina, Katten and me. The biggest challenge was […]

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Article about Göran Schildt

In the latest copy of the Swedish the magazine Båtklassiker there is an article about the sailor and author Göran Schildt by me. Hopefully it provides...

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Inspiring Classic Yacht Symposium in Helsinki

I have visited Helsinki classic yacht symposium once before in 2020, just before the pandemic made such events impossible. At that time the seminar included exciting speakers and sufficient and well-arranged breaks for mingle. Now...

Source: Magnus Swahn

Evening sailing trip

At a temperature of 23 degrees Celsius and soft winds we decided to make a short evening sailing trip...

Source: Magnus Swahn

Sandhamnsregattan 2022 ©Lasse Eklöf
Sandhamnsregattan 1926
Sandhamnsregattan 2016  ©Mats Blomberg
Scandal Beauty Trophy 1983. ©Gunnar Winqvist
Stora Nassa 2015 ©Katarina Swahn
Sandhamnsregattan 2017 ©Malkolm Hanes
Revaler Woche1934
Runmarö Runt 2012
Sandhamnsregattan 1980 ©Per Thelander
Sandhamnsregattan 2018 ©Malkolm Hanes
Sandhamnsregattan 1922 ©SCIF
Sandhamnsregattan 2018 ©Curt Gelin
Segelbåtens dag1981 ©Per Thelnder
Runmarö runt 2012 @Håkan Forslund
Runmarö runt 2022 Photo ©Carl Bure

Boat data

Type75 sqm skerry cruiserDesignerGustaf Estlander
Year1921YardPabst Werft, Köpenick,
HullMahogany, steel/oak framesDeckTeak, mahogany on plywood
RigMarconi (original)Mast och boomSitka & Picea Spruce
Sailing area rule74,97 kvmSailing area max88,5 sqm + 90 sqm (spinnaker)
17,42 mLWL12 m
Beam2,43 mDisplacement7,5 ton
EngineVolvo Penta 27 hkMätetalSRS 1,06/1,038
Summer portStyrsvik, RunmaröWinter portBergvik, Bromma