Art gallery #1 : Schärenkreuzer-Yacht “Trumpf” hoch am Wind bei einer Regatta

Throughout the years, several paintings have been made of Trumph. The probably first painting was done by Willy Stöwer in Germany 1923. Read more about Stöwer. By a coincidence the painting was recently found at a digital  Art Gallery selling printed copies by different artists. A copy was received last week. It is unclear if the painting is from German waters, presumable around Travemünde, or if the painting illustrates Sandhamnsregattan 1922. The latter may be most likely since the rig is the temporary rigging used in that regatta as a consequence of previous year´s accident. The location could be outside Trouville at Sandön where the narrow Sandhamn sound can be seen in the rear. It is unclear who owns the original. The painting can be ordered through this link.