Art gallery #2: Portal boat for the Finnish sailing week in Helsinki 1929 and search of the original photo

From the end of the 1930´s and onwards Jenny and Holger Swahn were friends with Alvin Wassberg who was working within the insurance business in Stockholm. Alvin was also an amateur painter and at some point, in time a question was raised if he could make a painting of Trumph. Material for the painting was handed to Alvin by Holger and Alvin made and delivered the oil painting.

During 2022 with extensive search in archives  on Gustaf Estlander and his life I came across the front page of Åbo Underrättelser from August 11 in 1929. The article describes and market the coming Finnish sailing week in Helsinki. At that time Trumph had been successful several years and seems to have reached some sort of fame in the Finnish sailing community. When I saw the article, the picture of Trumph felt vaguely familiar but I could not remember from where until I realised that this picture must have been the basis for Alvin Wassbergs painting, previously hanging in the stairs of grandmother and grandfather´s house and today in my parent´s house. The film from 1929 at may be from these races although it only says NJK 1929.

Unfortunately, the original photograph is yet not found so if anybody have any valid information in the search it would be much appreciated …

Source: Magnus Swahn