Article about Göran Schildt

In the latest copy of the Swedish the magazine Båtklassiker there is an article about the sailor and author Göran Schildt. Hopefully it provides a solid description of the legendary Swedish speaking sailing Finn. The article is not directly connected to our boat other than the fact that his books are common in all book shelfs within the family. My grandmother Jenny read his book with great pleasure and recommended them to family and friends. Jenny also grew up in the surroundings of bay Pernå where the family Schildt had their summer house. The article is only available in Swedish.

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Read also Irma Swahns´review of Henrik Knifs´”Two lifes” from 2021, which is an biography of Göran Schildt. All in Swedish.

Irmas´ review of Henrik Knifs biography “Two lifes”

Source: Magnus Swahn