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Congratulation to 80 years


Today, s/y Trumph¬īs most important owner of all time, Henrik Swahn turn 80 years old…

Source: Magnus Swahn

Congratulations to the 100 years anniversary


Today we celebrate the 100 years anniversary of s/y Trumph. No age for a wooden boat! Somebody pointed out that the new frames in stainless steel in the aft will probably last 400 years…


Launch of a web page for the 100 years anniversary


On June 11, 2021, we celebrate s/y Trumph’s 100th birthday. During these 100 years, the boat has had several owners, of which the last 90 years our family. We want to celebrate this with a retroactive reporting of news that has affected the boat and its sailors from 1920 until today…

Source: Magnus Swahn

Trumph to Bergvik for winter rest


On September 29, Trumph was hauled out ashore at the shipyard Bergvik in √Ąppelviken by Lake M√§laren. The boat haul was preceded by sailing from the summer harbor on Runmar√∂ the 19th of September via Baggenst√§ket and Hammarby canal with bridge openings and passing locks…

Source: Magnus Swahn

Estlanders¬ī aim is a winning design of a 75 square metre skerry cruiser


The boat designer Gustaf Estlander have with the support of drawings announced the ambition to build the fastest skerry cruiser in the 75 square meter class. The project will be carried out together with Estlanders¬ī German business partner, Mr Richard Borck…

Source: Magnus Swahn

Sandhamnsregattan 2022 ©Lasse Eklöf
Sandhamnsregattan 1926
Sandhamnsregattan 2016  ©Mats Blomberg
Scandal Beauty Trophy 1983. ©Gunnar Winqvist
Stora Nassa 2015 ©Katarina Swahn
Sandhamnsregattan 2017 ©Malkolm Hanes
Revaler Woche1934
Runmarö Runt 2012
Sandhamnsregattan 1980 ©Per Thelander
Sandhamnsregattan 2018 ©Malkolm Hanes
Sandhamnsregattan 1922 ©SCIF
Sandhamnsregattan 2018 ©Curt Gelin
Segelbåtens dag1981 ©Per Thelnder
Runmarö runt 2012 @Håkan Forslund
Runmarö runt 2022 Photo ©Carl Bure

Boat data

Type75 sqm skerry cruiserDesignerGustaf Estlander
Year1921YardPabst Werft, Köpenick,
HullMahogany, steel/oak framesDeckTeak, mahogany on plywood
RigMarconi (original)Mast och boomSitka & Picea Spruce
Sailing area rule74,97 kvmSailing area max88,5 sqm + 90 sqm (spinnaker)
17,42 mLWL12 m
Beam2,43 mDisplacement7,5 ton
EngineVolvo Penta 27 hkMätetalSRS 1,06/1,038
Summer portStyrsvik, RunmaröWinter portBergvik, Bromma